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Local SEO – Put Your Business “On The Map”

The BlueHat Marketing team is a diverse range of professionals with years of experience helping local businesses be found where customers are looking. 85% of your customers look for local businesses Online—but you need to outrank the competition to be found first. We focus on more than just helping you pop up when customers search; we help manage your brand, build customer loyalty, create content that solidifies your place within the community, and measure the results. Our team can put your business on the map and make it grow.


85% Of Your Customers Are Looking For You Online. Can They Find You?

Local consumers want to buy local products, and they are looking for you Online. If they find your competitors first, then you’ve lost a sale. They aren’t just looking with keywords—they are searching for you with ZIP codes, cities, or states. Sometimes, they just type “near me” into Google and hope for the best. Your consumers are browsing social media looking for you, waiting to see your ads, or talking to friends about you. We can harness this new business reality by making the web a platform for connecting you to your local customers. Our online marketing services are designed to help you thrive in this city.

At BlueHat, local SEO is not just punching your details into directories and hoping consumers find you. It’s about being active, producing locally-focused content that consumers value and trust, building your brand with consumers, managing your reputation, and creating an online persona that customers identify with. Our team’s recipe for success is one part science, one part art, and one part PR. The outcome is your name in the results when people search for something “near me”.

BlueHat is a Premier Google Partner

  • 2 or More Google Certified and Qualified Employees
  • Meeting and Exceeding Performance Requirements set forth by Google. Solid overall growth, revenue and a growing customer base.
  • A Higher Spend across managed accounts.



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We handle everything related to the setup and optimization of your company’s Google My Business account and profile. This is a crucial hub for information about your business and great for local SEO.



Getting your business’ information on relevant directories across the web is vital to increasing your online visibility and boosting your local search footprint. We’ll carefully manage this entire process.



Business listings and customer reviews are crucial to building your company’s online reputation and authority in local search. We’ll create premium local directory listings on key sites like Google+ Local and Yelp.



We’ll help you stay ahead of your competitors by analyzing their efforts in detail. This will help us take advantage of opportunities to enhance your brand awareness and harness more local traffic.

The Recipe For Local Success


The Science

We use a range of tools to analyze the competition, keywords, and habits of consumers to put your website in a better position to rank higher. Placing an emphasis on highly relevant directories and building your online footprint so that Google knows who (and where) you are.


The Art

The canvas and colours might come from science, but you still need a talented artist to paint the picture. That’s what our team does when it creates high-quality content and manages your social media. Locally-focused, valuable, and highly-shareable, your content will help you index more pages, reach more people, and rank higher in search engines, as well as help build trust with your consumer base.


The PR

Your reputation matters. Online reviews not only make up a sizable portion of Google’s local ranking algorithm, 90% (!) of consumers’ buying decisions rely on them. What people are saying about you matters. We will make sure that your happy customers shine to the top and the few grumpy ones are made happy again.


Successful Case Studies

Did You Know These Local SEO Facts?

They say that local SEO, especially mobile, is the future of the online marketing world. It’s hard to deny. Being in front of the eyes of a consumer on the go in prime buying mode is very valuable, and a company that can understand the little nuances and quirks that it takes to succeed is your best friend. Here are some interesting facts about local SEO that you need to know:

50% of customers who perform local searches on their smartphones visit stores the same day

Nearly 1/5th of local mobile searches lead to a sale the same day

78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases

78% of local searches result in a phone call

43% of searches contain a local keyword

70% of consumers share reviews with friends and family

Comprehensive local SEO services will help you get found by desktop and mobile searchers, put your name on the map, and help you make more sales. Our goal is not just to make you be seen, but to make you be seen by the right customers and help you make the sale.

Why Blue Hat?

BlueHat Marketing is more than just a team of SEO professionals. We are a digital marketing think tank that is a thought-leader in our industry. Our expertise lies at the meeting point of cutting-edge SEO strategies and the nuanced complexities of building a brand and marketing you locally. We understand that succeeding in competitive industries takes effort unlike anywhere else, and we understand the level of service that customers have come to expect when presented with dozens of choices.

We take a holistic approach to ranking you in your local area. Great SEO is like building house: you need a solid foundation. We firmly believe that high rankings on Google are the result of quality practices in terms of SEO, content creation and marketing, directory optimization, reputation management, and search engine marketing. All of these parts work in unison, and shortsighted, manipulative tactics will only hurt you in the long run. What we do is rank you organically on the map the right way, building your brand and visibility along the way.

What We Bring to the Table:


Bluehat is a Google Premier Partner

Our team is a certified Google Partner, meaning we have demonstrated expertise in understanding the search engine’s best practices, exceeded their requirements, and achieved continual growth for our clients.


Top-Rated Canadian SEO Company

We’ve been rated #1 in many categories on TopSEOS.com, including best SEO & PPC company in Canada.


In SEO Since The Dawn Of SEO Time

We started in this business back in 2001. That is way back in the early days of the web. We’ve seen this industry grow from a few people taking shots in the dark to a multi-billion dollar sensation.


Collective Decades Of Experience

Our diverse team has decades of combined experience in SEO, PPC, web development, social media, and marketing. There’s nothing we don’t know.

Become one of our partners today to see how we can help put you on the map and grow your brand in the local area!